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Patriots Progress has been a printed publication of Patriot Bible University since 2000. 

Over the years Patriot’s Progress has presented helpful articles, humor, and inspirational stories of faith. The magazette has carried articles and tips especially for teachers, pastors, and counselors; and student news from Patriot University.

Beginning in 2009 the magazette has moved online in this webzine format.

We envision future delivery of Patriot Bible University online courses through this unique webzine.

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Articles and columns are posted every week or two. You'll know when the article is posted by looking at the date in the caption line above the article text.

What's In The Name?

You may recognize the similarity with Bunyan's book titled, "Pilgrims Progress". As in Bunyan's classic story of the Christian's walk of faith, Patriots Progress desires to see Patriot students and friends progress in their knowledge of God's Word.

You Are Part of This

We’re excited about this new format and pray it will be a great blessing to you. Let us know what you think!   Comments

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