Conservative Christian Bible Study

Christ The Teacher 

Study Introduction:

In every respect Jesus was the ideal teacher. He presented unique teaching that caused people to recognize something was different. This course delivers an analytical study of teaching techniques used by Jesus. Learn how Jesus used the lecture method, how He captured interest, used illustrations and paradoxes, even asking questions, making commendations and rebukes, that produced disciples.

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Required Software - Free Adobe Reader 8 (Version 7 minimum).


Starting your Bible Institute will be simple using the step-by-step guidelines found in your Launch Kit.

The pastor/teacher (who serves as instructor) will present a lecture and then assign several pages to be completed in the student workbook.

Or, the pastor/teacher can conduct a distance learning school from the church. Students do self-directed studies then meet to share and discuss.

We've Made It Easy for you to implement and teach Higher Christian Education in Your Church. Make Bible your curriculum provider.

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